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The Orchestra model has been created so that clarinetists feel their timbre fully integrated into the orchestra and, at the same time, being able to stand out when the solo parts require a greater sound projection. The Orchestra Barrel offers an easy and controlled sound emission.

nullThe barrels are made using two types of wood: African blackwood and cocobolo.The main difference is that, generally, African blackwood has a brighter sound due to the fact that it is a harder type of wood. Cocobolo wood is a slightly softer wood and, therefore, it has a more velvety sound.

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nullThe interior and exterior base of the barrel is made using the latest technology, with a CNC lathe, to ensure maximum quality. The final interior and exterior finish of all our barrels is handmade and each one is tried out and tested by our master craftsman, following a strict quality control process.




All the Arixa Clarinets barrels have excellent tuning, great sound quality and adapt easily to each clarinet player.



Offers a slightly mellower tone colour than African Blackwood, so it is considered by some to be well suited to chamber music, though orchestra clarinetists have utilized cocobolo instruments successfully.


African Blackwood

Has an exceptionally powerful sound compared to the majority of other woods. This makes it ideal when needing to project the sound in a large orchestras.


Barrel Orchestra

“From the heart of the orchestra”

€225.00 (21% VAT included)
Barrel added correctly
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1-year guarantee

The Orchestra barrel has been created for medium-high level students and for professional clarinetists who either perform or teach.

  • Blending sound
  • Good projection
  • Easy sound emission
  • Controlled sound

Available sizes for Boehm system clarinets


Buffet, Leblanc and Yamaha

64mm, 64.5mm, 65mm, 65.5mm, 66mm, 66.5mm, 67mm, 67.5mm, 68mm


62mm, 62.5mm, 63mm, 63.5mm, 64mm, 64.5mm, 65mm, 65.5mm, 66mm, 66.5mm

Yamaha YCL-CSG

55mm, 55.5mm, 56mm, 56.5mm, 57mm, 57.5mm​


Buffet, Leblanc, Yamaha, Selmer

40.5mm, 41mm, 41.5mm,  42mm, 42.5mm, 43mm, 43.5mm, 44mm, 44.5mm, 45mm

*For other sizes, clarinet manufacturers or different types of wood not listed above, please contact us to specify all the details we require in order to make your barrel.

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